Empowering Weavers with Distributed Solar Lighting Kit
Crafts Handloom Village at Moirang has taken a significant step towards empowering its weavers by providing...
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Yarn Depo Setup in Moirang: Enhancing Accessibility for Weavers
We are thrilled to announce the establishment of a Yarn Depo in Moirang, under the Crafts Handloom Village...
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Brick Wall Toilets: A Step Towards Beautification and Tourism
As a part of the beautification and tourist attraction initiatives, brick wall toilets have been constructed...
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Crafts Handloom Village project distributes looms to weavers in Moirang
Under the Crafts Handloom Village project, looms have been distributed to the weavers of Moirang, marking...
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Official Visit to Moirang for Survey and Inspection
Recently, an official visit was conducted to Moirang for a survey and inspection. This visit was a joint...
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Awareness Camp for Implementation of Craft Handloom Village Held in Moirang
An awareness camp for the implementation of Craft Handloom Village was successfully held in Moirang on...
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